It’s me 🙂

Hi, you can call me Akzir, as my pen name, I lived in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia (one of the greatest hidden paradise in the world).

I knew photography since the first time my parents have an analog camera using roll film & replaceable batteries, and I feel amaze about it. Now, I’m using DSLR camera to capture interesting moment around me, & freeze some event into a frame.

Since the day, photography and travelling have long been become a great passions of mine. I dedicate my genre photography to landscape, especially frame the beautiful of wonderful Indonesia nature, doing trip by my own with some friends.

My motto for my travelling & photography passion : “abstinence to visit another nation, before I finish my own nation”. And the beauty of Indonesia nature, is never ending stories.

So if you lived in another nation, you should try to visit Indonesia, and you’ll find lot of amazing things, places, people, culture & stunning scenery that you couldn’t  find anywhere else but here.

Wellcome to wonder of Indonesia, this is my hobby, what’s yours ??? 🙂


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